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Microsoft Excel Class – Introduction

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Microsoft Excel Class – Introduction



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Classes are held by a professional with real-life day to day advanced Excel experience. We try to concentrate our focus on training students to be ready for working environment.
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At your office, home, conference room.. you name it. Training at your location, at your convenience.
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Sessions can & will be catered to your particular needs.



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How it Works?


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Microsoft Excel Introduction Course Includes

  • Starting Microsoft Excel
  • The Excel screen
  • Using the ribbon
  • Using keytip badges
  • Minimising the ribbon
  • Using shortcut menus
  • Launching dialog boxes
  • Customising the quick access toolbar
  • The office button
  • Using the office button
  • The status bar
  • Customising the status bar
  • Exiting safely from Microsoft Excel

Creating a new workbook

  • Understanding workbooks
  • Using the blank workbook template
  • Typing text into a worksheet
  • The ‘Save As’ dialog box
  • Saving a new workbook
  • Typing numbers into a worksheet
  • Typing simple formulas in a worksheet
  • Easy formulas
  • Typing dates in a worksheet
  • Easy formatting
  • Checking spelling in a worksheet
  • Making and saving changes
  • Printing a worksheet
  • Safely closing a workbook

Working with workbooks

  • Opening an existing workbook
  • Moving about a worksheet
  • Moving about a workbook
  • Going to a specific location
  • The ‘Open” dialog box

Editing in a workbook

  • Understanding data editing
  • Overwriting cells contents
  • Editing longer cell entries
  • Editing formulas
  • Editing functions
  • Clearing a cell
  • Deleting in a worksheet
  • Undoing and redoing operations


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Formulas and functions

  • Understanding formulas
  • Creating formulas that add
  • Creating formulas that subtract
  • Formulas that multiply and divide
  • Understanding functions
  • Using the SUM function to add
  • Summing non-contiguous ranges
  • Calculating an average
  • Finding a maximum value
  • Finding a minimum value
  • More complex formulas
  • What If formulas

Formula referencing

  • Absolute versus relative referencing
  • Relative formulas
  • Problems with relative formulas
  • Creating absolute references
  • Creating mixed references

Selecting ranges

  • Understanding ranges
  • Selecting ranges
  • Selecting non-contiguous ranges
  • Using special selection techniques
  • Selecting larger ranges
  • Selecting rows
  • Selecting columns
  • Viewing range calculation
  • Creating an input range

Copying Excel data

  • Understanding copying in Microsoft Excel
  • Using fill for quick copying
  • Copying from cell to another
  • Copying from one cell to a range
  • Copying from one range to another
  • Copying relative formulas
  • Copying to a non-contiguous range
  • Copying to another worksheet
  • Copying to another workbook


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Font formatting

  • Understanding font formatting
  • Working with live preview
  • Changing fonts
  • Changing font size
  • Growing and shrinking fonts
  • Making cells bold
  • Italicising text
  • Underlining text
  • Changing font colours
  • Changing background colours
  • Using the format painter
  • Applying strikethrough
  • Subscripting text
  • Superscripting text

Cell alignment

  • Understanding cell alignment
  • Aligning right
  • Aligning to the centre
  • Aligning left
  • Aligning top
  • Aligning bottom
  • Aligning to the middle
  • Rotating text
  • Indenting cells
  • Wrapping and merging text
  • Merging and centering
  • Merging cells
  • Unmerging cells

Row and column formatting

  • Approximating column widths
  • Setting precise column widths
  • Setting the default column width
  • Approximating row height
  • Setting precise row heights
  • Hiding rows and columns
  • Unhiding rows and columns


  • Understanding printing
  • Previewing before you print
  • Performing a quick print
  • Selecting a printer
  • Printing a range
  • Printing an entire workbook
  • Specifying the number of copies
  • The ‘Print’ dialog box


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